Blumen Enk has always been a family owned business since it was founded in 1949 when Heinrich Enk and his wife Elisabeth (Widow Dietz) planted their very first pansy field right at the heart of the town of Lintorf in Germany. They opened their first garden centre, Gärtnerei Enk, on Konrad-Adenauer-Platz. At the nearby cemetery they also started up a grave tending service that is still one of the company’s key lines of business today.

In 1957, Heinrich and Elisabeth’s son Horst Dietz joined the Gärtnerei Enk team and they opened Friedhofsgärtnerei Enk, a cemetery garden centre in Ratingen-Lintorf which is still the company’s principal place of business.

In 1965 a florist’s shop was opened at Speestrasse 38 and the apartment behind the shop became the family home of Horst, his wife and children.

Friedhofsgärtnerei Enk changed its name to Gärtnerei Blumen Enk & Sohn in 1976 and the company slogan, ‘Flowers fresh from the field’ was introduced. Horst Dietz took over as General Manager of the garden centre, contributing new ideas as it expanded.

In 1983 another garden centre was opened in Ratingen-Tiefenbroich. Located right opposite the cemetery, it provided customers with a better local service plus an additional grave tending service. Horst’s son, Thomas, who had by that time graduated from college, joined the family business and focused on the development of new service concepts.

In 1989 he took over the famous Scheurenberg florist’s shop in Düsseldorf and renamed the company Blumen Enk. The company received its first order from a hotel for flower arrangements and hire plants! This concept and service have been continuously developed right up to the present day.

In 1992 Blumen Enk took over a florist’s shop on Wallstrasse in Ratingen from Pierino D’Ambrosio. Pierino – as he is known to everyone – still works for the company as a member of the design team specialising in equestrian events.

In 1993 Horst Dietz handed over the reins to Thomas Dietz, who is still running the company today and every bit as passionate about the business as his father was.

In 2001 the main shop in Ratingen-Lintorf was converted into an extensive showroom to present the company’s diverse range of decoration concepts. The many different vases, accessories and beautiful flower arrangements on display are a great source of inspiration for clients. In the same year, Thomas Dietz took over the famous Düsseldorf florist’s Blumenreich, which has a first-rate city centre location. From there they deliver unusual creations for projects ranging from showroom plants to banquet hall décors. The shop boasts a creative window display and exhibition room that stops passers-by in their tracks and people love to wander around it.

In 2006, the florist’s shop in Ratingen-Lintorf moved further down busy Speestrasse to number 8.

In 2008 the cemetery garden centre in Ratingen-Tiefenbroich was enlarged to include a hire plant centre. On an area of around 2500 m² in size it houses seasonal plants and cut flowers, plus over 1000 hire plants that are used for a wide range of decoration concepts and events.

Blumen Enk, Blumenreich and enk eventstyling were company’s three lines of business. After extensive thought, we decided to incorporate the name of its owner, Thomas Dietz, in the company name for the sake of simplicity, transparency and understanding.

We are now a successful business in its third generation that still honours our founder, Heinrich Enk, who was there with our daughter Theresa (4th generation) when the garden centre’s greenhouses were converted, delighted that our family run business had remained true to its principles.

dietz blumen & events has been our name since July 2012. We are still passionate about working with our beautiful natural products and they still have the power to fascinate us. We have a great team of employees without whom we would never have been able to take this step and we look forward to sharing a great future with them. We are committed to offering our clientele a pleasant and unusual shopping atmosphere and creative ideas. The team at dietz blumen & events looks forward to taking you with us into the next chapter of our company’s history. Thank you for your loyalty over the years. We promise to do everything in our power to deliver inspiring products and concepts to you.

The Dietz Family

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